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Ginger, is the main reason that has made Chong Yan Sor, through his YFC Trading (M) Sdn Bhd, the successful businessman that he is today. His decision to switch from a steady profession to pursuing risky entrepreneurship is the beginning of the story of Chong Yan Sor’s Ginger enterprise and his inseparable relationship with ginger.

In the year 1983, despite having very little funds and an old rented lorry, Chong Yan Sor, together with his children, had then begun the second journey of his life as a founder of the ginger enterprise. At that time, his children were still understudying as his assistants. He was then 45 years old.

In the beginning, he was engaged in various types of work-related to delivery of goods. As soon as he was familiar with the routes, he started visiting the plantations to purchase fruits and vegetables. Thereafter, he would deliver and sell them to the market and grocery stores. However, the amount of margin earned from the difference between the sales and purchase prices was very slight. At one time, there was an oversupply of ginger. This oversupply had caused the price of ginger to decline. The affected plantation owners tried hard to persuade him to purchase their ginger to recover their losses. With a persevering spirit, Chong then tried his very best to market the ginger product. He has great foresight and a keen eye for details. He had observed an interesting fact. Although ginger is an agricultural product, not only can it be kept for a longer period of time, it is also an essential cooking condiment for the three major races in Malaysia. Hence, he had the foresight to connect this fact to the certainty in the high level of demand for ginger in the market. In this way, his inseparable relationship with ginger had given birth to Chong Yan Sor enterprise, which had started the trend on the rather unpopular ginger market.

How easy is it to establish oneself in the market? Issues like shortage of funds, lack of manpower, lack of supply, uncertain market demand, price fluctuations, market development and so on, were one by one overcame under the leadership of the founder. The ginger enterprise had experienced countless ordeals and trials. After years of hard work, the enterprise had successfully developed a good sales and distribution network, and established various locations in the South area. Having laid such a strong foundation, the enterprise is able to withstand the ever-changing market and grasp new opportunities. The founder was named the ‘King of Ginger’ in an exclusive interview with the Nanyang Siang Pau in 2002, given his incredible effort in promoting the ginger market.

 In 2006, the second-generation successors of Chong Yan Sor ginger enterprise, jointly managed by two brothers, had opened its shop at the Taman Ungku Tun Aminah Wholesale Centre. The elder brother, Chong Hock Lit led the company into a new milestone. To strengthen and increase the competitiveness of the company, he had greatly widened the variety of vegetables and fruits, in addition to importing them from countries such as Thailand, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, etc. Over the years, with the company’s insistence on product quality, brand and reputation, it had made its mark in the market and has been recognised by its customers. By adhering to the founding principles, along with the cooperation of its employees and support from customers, the company had gradually grown into what we have come to know, today, as YFC Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Today, YFC Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd. has set a broader and clearer vision for itself. That is, to aggressively enter into the South East Asia market and expand into the rest of Asia and the world, with the hope of achieving a step towards greater success.

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